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Billionaire Neighbor

I spy with my lustful eye...

My feisty neighbor confronts me on the street, accusing me of spying on her with my telescope.
If only I'd known I could've been watching her in her bedroom, I hate a missed opportunity.
But I'm not about to let this beauty past me now.
Her curves are calling out to be touched by me.
Turns out she's working for my ex and will try and stand between me and what's rightfully mine.
She can try all she wants, I always take what I want.
And right now I want her.

*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary full length romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***

Goodreads Reviews For Billionaire Neighbor

I couldn't peel myself away from this one!

There's sizzling chemistry, secrets/lies, a misunderstanding, drama, an unexpected twist, and a great ending.

This beautiful romance is steamy, emotional and very well written.

This is a must read book by an incredibly talented author!

It's a unique spin on the billionaire/nanny trope with a twist I didn't predict