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Claiming His

Box set of four sizzling bad boys who aren't looking for love, just a hot one-night stand each holiday with a beautiful woman. But one night isn't enough for them or for the woman they claim.
Each novella is extra hot, steamy and satisfying.

Claiming His Valentine
The bad boy CEO always gets who he wants, especially on Valentine's Day.
I open the door and my jaw drops.
It's my filthy rich boss and he means business.

Claiming His Easter Bunny
She makes me feel ways I've never felt.
I'm the doctor but somehow she's healing me.
Forget the rules - she's mine.

Claiming His Firecracker
Sparks fly for one night, but I want more.
Fiona has always been a firecracker.
Problem is my sister hates me and Fiona is loyal.

Claiming His Labor Day
We made a baby on a one-night stand.
She thinks bad boys aren't forever.
But I'm going to claim her and make us a family.

Goodread Reviews For Claiming His

A hot and steamy collection of four bad boy romance stories.


Lulu Pratt is an exceptional writer


[A] great bundle to keep you happy until the very last page.


I just loved this box set !


This is a must read box set.


A wonderful collection to read anytime of the year. The stories are a fast read with lots of heat and alphas that don't want a relationship just a "hit it and quit it"