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Claiming His Valentine

The bad boy CEO always gets who he wants, especially on Valentine’s Day

First a box of chocolates mysteriously appears at my door, followed by a bottle of perfume and a beautiful necklace.
Then some expensive lingerie comes wrapped with a big pink bow.
Finally a card arrives which simply says ‘you’re mine, be ready at seven.'
I don’t know what makes me do it but I’m ready and waiting at 6:55.
There’s a knock at my door, three short raps that send tingles down my spine.
My hand trembling, I open the door and my jaw drops.
It's my filthy rich boss and he means business.

***Pure alpha novella, no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after***

Goodreads Reviews For Claiming His Valentine

This is one spectacular read that's as riveting as it is captivating and keeps you on the razors edge from start to finish. 

I don't think there is a romantic storyline Mrs. Lulu Pratt could not write, and do it superbly.

Explosive chemistry, drama, suspense, heartbreak, twists and turns, angst, passion, jealousy, great storyline, likeable characters, love... Claiming His Valentine is everything a well written and action-packed romance story should be.

Wham, Bam, thank you Lulu!


A captivating read from beginning to end! An exciting storyline that leaves you breathless wanting more! Sexy steam filled chemistry! Emotionally heartfelt, enjoyable and fun! One heck of a twisted, intense rollercoaster ride! An amazing must read!