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My best friend’s sister was always off limits.

Charlotte had a crush on me for years.
She’s all grown up now and wants to lose her v-card.
I can’t resist her sweet lips and curves.
We were together, behind her brother’s back.
When he found out, I thought I lost her.
I got her back, but now something else has come between us.
Something I never planned, but always wanted.
The pain of losing her again is crushing me.
I need to make Charlotte mine forever.

***Sizzling hot alpha romance full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after***

Goodreads Reviews For Crushed

Couldn't get enough of Ford & Charlotte's story. -- Goodreads Reviewer

Lulu drops another hit and jumps right over gold and hits platinum, drilling through mayhem, shenanigans and chaos that fuses this jewel together one jagged piece at a time -- Goodreads Reviewer

The great storyline and the well created characters captured my attention from the very beginning and I remained totally captivated until the turn of the very last page! -- Goodreads Reviewer

Charlotte and Ford were such a hot and sexy couple -- Goodreads Reviewer

A book filled with drama, romance, love and of course sex. -- Goodreads Reviewer

Crushed has just the right amount of angst, heartbreak, drama, sizzlin' chemistry, an unexpected surprise, physical attraction, love, and of course... incredible sex. -- Goodreads Reviewer