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Fast Baller

All I care about is baseball — until her.

I was a star pitcher but an injury sent me down, even though my dad owns the team.
My career is over, that is until Scarlet starts working with me.
She’s my physical therapist and her gentle touch heals my arm and my soul.
I'm on my way back.
But her soft lips, prove too much to resist.
We’re together against the rules, yet it feels so good.
We keep our passion a secret, but it turns out there is another secret.
A nasty secret.
One that could keep us apart for forever.

***Sizzling hot alpha romance full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after***

Goodreads Reviews For Fast Baller

Loved Scarlet & Harrison's story  




The storyline was well written, the plot flowed smoothly from page to page and the characters were so well developed that I remained totally engaged throughout the entire book!  


The author, Lulu Pratt is like a Hermione Granger with potions when it comes to mixing the characters, making sure everything flows from chapter to chapter without anything falling by the wayside and forgotten about.  


Fast Baller has everything a great romance should be inside these addictive pages.  


Scarlett and Harrison's story pulled me in from the very beginning and had me wanting to know what came next.