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Hot Shot 

I was one of the toughest players on ice -- until she melted my heart.


Like most hockey players I went through the one-and-done puck bunny phase.

I knew what my smile did to women and I had no problem using it against them.

But Elyse is different.

Something in her past pushes everyone away, yet she feels safe when she’s with me.

She’s gorgeous and I can’t forget her curves or how she comes alive with my touch.

I’m learning that I can’t deal with problems in real life the way I handle them on the ice.

I’m determined to win her. It’s hard, but with Elyse, I’m playing for keeps.

***Sizzling hot alpha full-length romance novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after***

Goodreads Reviews For

Hot Shot

Author Lulu Pratt continues to write outstanding books and Hot Shot is a perfect example. 

You can't help but love the characters. Lots of chemistry. It was a sweet book that gave me all the feels. 

This is a well written deeply emotional story that draws you in and keeps you engaged until you turn that last page 

Ryder just might be my next book boyfriend. 

This author never disappoints me with her writing, I always enjoy reading what she writes! 

What a wonderful and emotional story. Every woman would be lucky to have a guy like Ryder. 

This is the first book that I have read by Lulu Pratt. I enjoyed her writing style. I plan on reading additional books by her in the future. 

This is a very well written story and I was captured from the start. 

This isn't your typical bad boy hockey romance. Ryder and Elyse take you on a journey of romance, trust, pain, guilt and passion. I just love this!