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Off Limits

Off Limits is a sizzling collection of forbidden relationships featuring tattooed bad boys and the women they fall for… hard.

Recharged: A Bad Boy Cop Romance
She could be trouble, but her delicious lips could also be my cure
She’s a suspect and off limits

Overlooked: A Bad Boy Next Door Romance
She’s the closest thing I ever had to a sister
Too bad she’s forbidden fruit

Take Me: A BBW Virgin Bad Boy Romance
My Irish charm must work its magic
She’s never been touched and I’ve never wanted someone more

Want You Back: A Second Chance Romance
I dumped her, now we work together
We have to pretend to be in love to impress a potential new client

Crushed: A Brother’s Best Friend Romance
My best friend’s sister was always off limits
To be together we have to go behind her brother’s back

***five full length novels with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and guaranteed happily-ever-afters.***

Goodread Reviews For Off Limits

This collection of forbidden romances kept me totally glued to my kindle from the very beginning! 

A nice collection of books that will keep you entertained for hours

You will take a break after each story to appreciate how endearing it was. Highly recommended!