She could be trouble but her delicious lips could also be my cure

Since my wife died, my life is an empty shell.
Only my baby son keeps me going.
Until the sweet assed cake maker moves to town.
Now I’m watching Zoe’s every move.
Her bakery, her car, the sway of her hips.
She’s a suspect and off limits.
I’ve got to focus ‘cause she’s the case.
I want to spread her legs. But I won't.
Because what I want to do to her... is criminal.

*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary full-length romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***

Goodreads Reviews For Recharged

Great, exciting plot with some suspense and intriguing characters. 

I loved this fun and flirty romance. The storyline is well written, captivating, intriguing, sexy and fun. The characters are defined, likable, relatable and have chemistry.
I read it again and again. Yep!!! That good. 

There are certain romance authors that consistently write quality books, and Lulu Pratt is one of them! 

A great read with oh my steamy scenes, some laughter, some suspense, lust/love and scenes where I couldn’t help but sniffling and my eyes got a bit misty.

Recharged is a hot romance… sweet and sexy and Dylan and Zoe make a great couple.

This is such a fun, flirty romance!

I really enjoyed this latest release from Lulu Pratt. There was mystery, desperation, new lust, a little danger and some great passion. I really enjoyed the emotional connection between the characters and the inherent honesty when asked the hard questions. Overall a great read!