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Relentless Pursuit

I won't rest until I have her.
Every inch.

When I catch Ava upstairs in my mansion, I barely notice her amber eyes widening with fear...
Not with the stiffening in my pants.
All I can think about is taking her into my bedroom and giving her the welcome she deserves.
Before I have the chance, she flees.
But those moments with her were like a drug.
I'm hooked. I have to find her.
So I do.
Turns out she’s a life coach.
Suddenly my life needs coaching, 24/7.
With every minute that passes, the chemistry between us gets stronger.
But for some reason she’s resisting me.
Resisting us.
I won’t give up, There’s something in her eye when she says my name.
I know she wants me.
First I’ll find out why she’s resisting me.
Then I’ll make her mine.

*** A steamy STANDALONE contemporary romance with no cliffhanger, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after.***

Goodreads Reviews For Relentless Pursuit

Lulu Pratt always gives us more than we expect--and does it with great panache! Relentless Pursuit grabs the reader from the very first page and keeps those pages flipping until the very end.

[W]ill have you believing in fairy tales.
The story is fast-paced with great characters and steamy sex.

It was filled with emotion, angst, and of course hot steamy scenes. Would definitely recommend.
Fantastic read that just captivated me from page one and the chemistry between Logan and Ava kept me turning the pages until the very end!