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Take Me

She thinks I'm an arrogant jerk but my Irish charm will work its magic.

When I first saw Poppy I was instantly hard.
I accidentally walked in on her changing, her big beautiful body clad in nothing but a white bra and panties.
As the world's top lingerie photographer I'm used to being surrounded by half-dressed models but none of them make my body react the way hers doe
Turns out she's never been touched which makes me want her even more.
She says she hates me, despises me even, but the magazine is forcing us to work closely together in a tropical island paradise.
This will be fun. I like a challenge.
I'm going to take her.
But what if she takes my heart?

***Full length novel with no cliffhangers, no cheating, and guaranteed happily-ever-after.***

Goodreads Reviews For Take Me

The chemistry is steamy and the story entertaining. I really liked it.   


Another hit by Lulu Pratt and I absolutely loved this story -- big girls have feelings too!   


This story is well paced and has drama, comedy and of course, romance.   


A great storyline and characters, sizzling chemistry and a HEA.


Captured my attention from the very first page.


The storyline is perfect and keeps the pages turning.